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Quote #355

IB = I Beer
IA = Internal AssAssment
EE = Extruded Essay


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Quote #665

Conversation with our Indian physics teacher (dickhead)

Teacher: So the fuel for a thermal reactor is uranium
Student: whats a thermal reactor?
Teacher: uranium
Student: huh?
Teacher: yea uranium
Student: no sir that doesn't make sense
Another student: yea uranium is the fuel and-


Teacher: oh the thermal reactor? oh thats like a cham-ber (accent)
Student: what's a cham-ber?
Another Student: oh CHAMBER!
Teacher: yea that!

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Quote #994

Grace: *pointing at a picture of a soldier* whats this?

Dusan: Well grace, thats called a MAN.

*class laughs*

Ms Kwok: Dusan! Come here!

* Dusan walks up towards the front of the class all panicky*

Ms Kwok: Listen, stop being so mean to Grace. She's not like you, she's very fragile and you shouldn't toy with her like that, It doesn't help that you have little girls laughing at her too.

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Quote #2108

IB... some people have made this isnt to "im better than you corse" this is as A-level students tent to get on at us .... infact we are the "im better than you cours" ... when exams come it will take half the time to think of a way too kill myself.

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Quote #38

" A Wet Willy is like a French Kiss in the ear" -Chris Lee

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Quote #509

What men love to see in women: their Y=X^2. (shaped like a "camel toe")

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Quote #1994

J: Omg the jokes on are SO relate able and funny!
A: Yeah iv read all of them 3 times and made notes on them
H: now THATS what the IB does to you! AAGH!

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Quote #570

Mr Edward: hey, what's your name?
Student: Edward sir
Mr Edward: you should be smart then, because your name is Edward. That's why my parents give me name Edward!

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Quote #1917

Student 1: Hey! Someone quoted me on IBQuotes!

Student 2: Cool. *Hifive* They quoted you wrong though...

Student 1: They ruined the joke! Noooooo!!!! ...

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Quote #2109

Most recent jokes ive heard ..

IB student - "your mums so fat she causes dark flow"

A level student - "wht do women call it PMT.

As mad cow desease was already taken"...

Seriously... we can see a distinct differnce :P

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Quote #1119

ib spelling: today's word, acquaintance

Dina says:
i just spelled it out thouh
Dina says:
Dina says:
like, aqquaintance
Dina says:
Dina says:
wow thats pretty bad
Dusan says:
Dusan says:
2 q's?
Dusan says:
Dina says:
yeah i dunno
Dina says:
i like putting double letters in big words
Dina says:
cause most big words have two letters that are the same consecutively
Dina says:
Dina says:
just to be on the safe side
Dina says:
Dusan says:

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Quote #11

Mickelli: I'm too pretty to get a job, I'll break my nails, my skin will dry up, my hair will get messed...

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Quote #1721

"is" = the worst word in the human dictionary.

"is" should die...

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Quote #31

"I love you JT" - Josh

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Quote #1527

Ravneet - I hate "". The jokes aren't even funny. Gabi laughs at them...
Merrideth - You just don't get it because you're stupid.
Ravneet - Then how did I get into IB?
Merrideth - The IB program is also stupid.
Ravneet - You're in the IB program...
Merrideth - My parents made me. That makes sense because they are stupid, too.
Ravneet - You've got a point...
Merrideth - Why are you calling my parents STUPID?

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Quote #1507

You know you're in IB when you vote thumbs down to quotes just so yours appears higher on the Top Quotes list..

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Quote #2810

IB teacher: does anyone know why we have a double sphincter in the anus?

IB student: so nothing will go up your ass?

IB teacher:, i'm pretty sure you can make things go up your anus if you try hard enough

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Quote #1799

IB has ruined our life for 2 years, but it will help us in a long run if we get good score.

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Quote #717

these IB quotes are oh so shamefully LAME. As an IB student myself,I find this sense of humour murderously dry. Come on guys, just coz ur doin IB, doesnt mean u gotta lower ur yourselves voluntarily to the status of lowlife nerds!

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Quote #1749

Whoever has time to come on this site is either not in IB or going to drop out of IB.

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