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Quote #698

English HL teacher explaining about Julius Caesar.

Student 1 *commenting about the fight between one of the 2 jobless fucks in the play*: "It's like ancient swearing."

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Quote #95

IB Coordinator: MSN is the demise of my IB Program.

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Quote #198

During a review period in English class.

IB student: Horse cow testicles
The rest of the students and teacher: HAHAHA!!!
IB student: I mean cow horse!
*laughter continues*
IB student: Damn it!!!

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Quote #1463

A Facebook Chat Conversation of Slumdog Millionaire:

Alex: "...and so Jamal knows the answers because of his past experiences; it's just fate."
Nicole: "I wish I had that luck with IB exams..."

{{somehow we always drift back to IB}}

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Quote #1372

The only way to pass ToK is to prove it does not exist.

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Quote #661

Student: So I was wondering... Why aren't we allowed to take five HL classes?
IB Coordinator: Because it looks bad for the IB program when students commit suicide.

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Quote #475

No matter how much homework you did last night, Cam did more.

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Quote #2114

in IB calculators learn to fly!

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Quote #2072

Yesterday, I officially became an IB senior. I had been awake for 32 hours straight.

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Quote #37

Person 1: Damn you! You're so not art.

Person 2: Is that supposed to be an insult?

Person 1: Of course. You're not art, which means you're not beautiful, you can't be interpreted, and that you weren't created by intent.

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Quote #610

The IBs ... are simply known as I. B. S.

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Quote #509

What men love to see in women: their Y=X^2. (shaped like a "camel toe")

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Quote #386

Ibid. (Latin, short for ibidem, "the same place") is the term used to provide an endnote or footnote citation or reference for a source that was cited in the preceding endnote or footnote.

IBID = International Baccalaureate Is Death.

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Quote #1434

What's the easiest way to remain a virgin before 18?
-You go to IB.

What's the only way to have a girlfriend in IB?
-You fail.

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Quote #1807

You know you have no life when you get an adrenaline rush from playing a grammar game in IB French.

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Quote #94

IBS: Internal Bowel Syndrome

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Quote #1787

It took me 2 whole years of history to figure out what an idiot Mussolini was.

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Quote #1040

IB Student: How many copies do you make a year? Don't you care about the environment?
A1 Teacher: Don't worry. For every 1000 copies I make I plant a tree.
IB Students: Awwww, that's great! Really?
A1 Teacher: No. I'm actually in a fight with all the trees. I'm winning.

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Quote #2081

In IB Calc SL

Teacher: Oh, that is a negative
Student: ...Your face is negative
Teacher: Well, Your face is irrational
Student: Yeah? Well, Your face is imaginary
Teacher: Your face is complex!
Class: Ooooohhhhh!

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Quote #578

IB Student: So, I broke up with my boyfriend last night.
Non-IB Student: Aww, that's terrible.
IB Student: Yeah... but it's okay. It would never have worked anyway; I'm IB, he's AP.
Non-IB Student: ...Uh okay.

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Quote #1270

When you join IB, you have frequent urges to run away screaming, but the wieght of your bookbag does not allow it.

~LHS IB Fresh

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Quote #26

Ms. Birsan: "I was in the Romanian army, I know how to use an automatic rifle."

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Quote #380

IB Visual Arts students walking about workbooks

student 1: the quality of my workbook is like a y= cosx+1 graph
student 1: it's good then bad then good then okay then good then bad then good
student 1: first we're kinda excited and enthusiastic that we have to do workbook pages, and then we learn we have to do ten every. single. week. and that's when I hit cos of pi
student 2: hahahhaa, I'm at 5pi/2, but I hope to get to 7pi/2

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Quote #55

IB is like a new mattress. Hard at the beginning and you cannot sleep; but then it seems soft and you learn to rest.

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Quote #633

Student: *writes on board* 100 days to Christmas

Teacher: *erases board* You may be in IB, but this is a publis school. We're not allowed to have Christmas!

Student: *writes on board again* 100 days to the Birth of the Generic Deity of Your Choosing

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Quote #486

When I think about the pile of work I have left, I feel like crying...

...until I realize that I can't even spare the time needed to cry.

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Quote #17

Mark: Absolute uncertainty is when something's ABSOLUTELY uncertain.

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Quote #258

Dictatorsarefun: But all your thinking is theoretical, I can't accept it with out empirical data
Dictatorsarefun: only humor it
VoteforNimitz: It's acceptable until a better data model is available
VoteforNimitz: It has the most theoretical backing
VoteforNimitz: otherwise we are mulling around without a clue as to what's going on like a bunch of Saxons
VoteforNimitz: The acceptance of theory allows for some illusion of knowledge
Dictatorsarefun: ahahhaha

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Quote #93

Student: Haha, and then he was laughing so hard.

Math teacher: What are you doing?

Student: Nothing...


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Quote #1864

You know you're in IB when:

You stay up till 1 in the morning working on a project that was assigned 3 weeks ago, and then you brag about it.

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Quote #1419

So one day a bunch of IB students were talking:

Student 1: You know you're IB if......... you groan at the word touchstone.
Student 2: If you think 93 is failing
Student 3: You get 6 hours of sleep each night even when you don't have a social life.
Student 4: You are seriously talking about being IB

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Quote #166

What is IB? Alcatraz, and the subjects are the prisoners.

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Quote #2082

You know you are in IB when you are too busy to think about suicide.

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Quote #638

To hand in homework is like menstruation. To go though it annoys you, but being late can really freak you out.

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Quote #473

After starting IB whenever you talk about something out of school it still somehow relates back to IB...

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Quote #356

Tom (in English HL while working on a poetry commentary): This is the most BORING SHIT I have ever done in my whole life.
Katie: You obviously haven't started reading Virginia Woolf yet...

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Quote #794

You know you're in IB when it's impossible to enjoy a no-homework weekend without worrying about the "no-homework" part.

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Quote #1196

IB - when the best way to spend a Friday night is at home writing your English WLA and then waking up the next morning with a hangover.

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Quote #441

Now I understand why 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. See, it means a 7 on all IB subjects. (excluding the 3 bonus points, of course)

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Quote #1197

We nerds will rule the land, because you cannot kill what already has no life.

CB IB Ottawa

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Quote #144

A two-carbon thing (acetyl group) and a four-carbon thing (citric acid) make a 6-carbon thing
-web site our teacher told us to use as a reference for our IB Bio work

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Quote #906

IB Student 1: Man, I don't even care anymore; IB's never going to benefit us in the real world.

IB Student 2: Yesterday IB benefited me in a real life situation.

IB Student 1: Really?

IB Student 2: Yeah, I spilled some tea, and it landed on my EE folder and not my carpet.

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Quote #861

Pete (to Mr. Roche(who is prematurely balding) after he called him a girl): Hey, hey, maybe we can have a sleepover and braid each others'...oh wait.

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Quote #56

Frank: Are you talking about the frog's photosynthesis?
(This took place after TOK)

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Quote #103

IB Smart, but IB Screwed.

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Quote #368

Chem teacher looking at student's hair: Jessica your hair is so long and thick and has just the right curl to it...
Jessica: Thank you?
Chem teacher: and so soft....

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Quote #92

TOK Teacher: Song lyrics today don't understand the SUBJUNCTIVE tense.. I mean, "homies", what IS that?!

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Quote #992

Dad: Water is an amazing substance, have you ever wondered why ice cubes float in water, even though they're made out of water?

IB student: Well that's because there are tiny air bubbles trapped within them...


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Quote #1689

It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping.... LET'S GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!

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Quote #596

(After an IB AP Government has been taking straight notes for an hour and a half)

Teacher: You know how you guys have to do conditioning for spring sports? Sometimes I think we should have conditioning for AP Government. Like, I pull you guys in here a week before school starts and make you write lines with weighted pencils, run around the track while listing the positions in the White House Office. Then, when you got around to the actual class, it would seem FUN.

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