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Quote #197

Teacher solving a complicated (HL) math problem on the board.

Student: Teacher, what does that +ve mean?
Teacher: What +ve... oh... I don't know. I saw it was in the book.

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Quote #1435

Chemistry (note: not my idea)

A bear fell into the water and dissolved. Do you know why? The bear was polar.

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Quote #1077

Rebel: Steals a cop car and drives it down a cliff.
IB Rebel: Drinks coke in the Library.

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Quote #1914

IB Math Teacher: Come on guys you know what to do first!
(Class stares blankly)
IB student 1:Well if we divide by ....
IB student 2:No this is not that kind of problem!
(More blank stares)
IB Math teacher: Come on guys, It starts with an F and ends in an OIL!!!!!

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Quote #1845

You know you need lives when your friend tells you the following:

"So last night I dreamed I was having sex with Hamlet, when Freud walked in on us and started telling me it was reflective of a miserable childhood- on my part, not his."

"So you got Freud to analyze your sex life with a literary character."

"It made it all worth it."

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Quote #665

Conversation with our Indian physics teacher (dickhead)

Teacher: So the fuel for a thermal reactor is uranium
Student: whats a thermal reactor?
Teacher: uranium
Student: huh?
Teacher: yea uranium
Student: no sir that doesn't make sense
Another student: yea uranium is the fuel and-


Teacher: oh the thermal reactor? oh thats like a cham-ber (accent)
Student: what's a cham-ber?
Another Student: oh CHAMBER!
Teacher: yea that!

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Quote #611

(students talking excitedly in Bio Class)
Bio Teacher: i just finished grading your cell test...

complete silence...

(Non-IB teacher walks by...)
Non-IB teacher: i wonder how he commands so much respect from his students..."confused look"

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Quote #1922

Facebook Status: On a date with my World Lit Paper <3

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Quote #264

IB, therefore I am.

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Quote #512

In IB History Class while writing an in class essay......

*A student outside is screaming*

The class all looks toward the window
Ms. Zarcone looks up from her desk to say "Don't worry, it's an IB student"

*The class laughs*

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Quote #17

Mark: Absolute uncertainty is when something's ABSOLUTELY uncertain.

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Quote #980

Fuck IB, I'm going to Hogwarts.

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Quote #79

Maths teacher joke:

Terrorists stop a bus full of passengers and succeed in getting all the passengers off the bus. When they come to the back of the bus, there is one passenger still there. The terrorists say "if you don't get off the bus NOW, we will differentiate and integrate you". The small passenger replies "I'm e^x".

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Quote #2081

In IB Calc SL

Teacher: Oh, that is a negative
Student: ...Your face is negative
Teacher: Well, Your face is irrational
Student: Yeah? Well, Your face is imaginary
Teacher: Your face is complex!
Class: Ooooohhhhh!

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Quote #495

Chemistry Teacher: ...then we will have to add HCl

Jason: What's HCl again?

James: It's Highly Concentrated Liquid, dumbass!

Jason: Ooh, ok....*writes down*

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Quote #353

IB Student 1: I'm so getting a higher grade than in Physics this year. I'll duel to death if I have to.
IB Student 2: Ooh, I'll be Andrew Jackson, and you be Aaron Burr.
IB Student 1: No way, I want to be Andrew Jackson!
Non-IB Student: I will never understand you guys...

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Quote #508

In a HL maths class:

Student 1: 8 divide 2 is...16!

Student 2: haha! you're an idiot, why are you doing HL maths?

5 minutes later:

Student 2: what's one to the power of five?

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Quote #2084

IB - the only place where a B stands for "below average"

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Quote #906

IB Student 1: Man, I don't even care anymore; IB's never going to benefit us in the real world.

IB Student 2: Yesterday IB benefited me in a real life situation.

IB Student 1: Really?

IB Student 2: Yeah, I spilled some tea, and it landed on my EE folder and not my carpet.

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Quote #490

<<00XXXX-XX>> My number of convict
<<00XXXX-XX>> Mi número de presidario

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Quote #307

(While discussing "Their Eyes were Watching God")

Student: I am going to do my project on Janie's relationships and how they are sexist.

IB English Teacher: You are going to research how their sex is?!!!

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Quote #268

Physics teacher with bad English: "Delta is from the beginning the grease figure for D."

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Quote #1458

Generic IB Student a: Why are we doing all these stories in English which have crazy people in it? (referring to Of Mice and Men and Death of a Salesman)

Generic IB Student b: It's to prepare you for the worst.


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Quote #1123

Ib student 1 to coordinator:
You know the other day I was thinking about the long term affects of Ib. We are growing individuals and these two years of stress, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, minimal hygiene and spending hours on end staring at a computer screen not to mention the risk of brain cancer inherit in over-thinking everything. Like what do we get from it.
You get a nice certificate.
Student 2:
Ya certificate of super-nerdyness.

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Quote #136

IB Student in Maths Studies.
Student 1: I can't remember how to add.
Student 2: What 2 and 3?
Student 1: Does anyone have a calculator?
Student 1: It's just one of those days...

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Quote #28

(During TOK class): Okay, I don't mean to be offensive... but I mean, the definition of art has a limit. If it sucks, then it's not art.

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Quote #629

i wanted to commit suicide when i was in IB.

i already had a gun in hand until i saw a non-IB student walk by happily.

think, i'm going to enslave them in my own company one day.

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Quote #343

American Gov't Teacher: Now, I know we're in Paris and don't get American news, but you've got to keep updated on the election. Just check up on the CNN website or something each day.
Student 1: Oh my god... there's an election going on at home?
Student 2: Hmm interesting analysis, but you might need some sources for that. On another note, did you know the IBO made an update to the Syllabus for Mathematics SL? It's on page 34 in the syllabus, and page 235 in the Vade Mecum. Section D14 I believe.

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Quote #539

Teacher to class: Now, if you are a good IB student, you feel guilty when not doing homeworks and thus you will do them and hand them in on time. If you procrastrinate you will go to hell.

Student: Welcome the IB program, we strive to be neutral and not get engaged in such subjects as religion.

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Quote #575

"jane, i've loved you since i first met you, will you be my girlfriend?"
"talk later. not finished with paper."
*beep beep beep beep beep*
"hello? jane?"

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Quote #171

(While looking at a map of Europe in a History lesson...)

IB Diploma Student: Where's China?

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Quote #1219

MTV in IB = Mass Temperature Volume

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Quote #169

Biology Teacher: Why have a life when you can read Biology? You're in IB, heaven's sake.

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Quote #209

GAHHH....GRRR.....ANGER. (Psych teacher refering to IAs)

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Quote #376

(While talking about IB English Y1 books)
Student 1: These are all so depressing! All of them end in death!
Student 2: Seems appropriate, it's just like IB!

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Quote #756

Non IB Student: YO! I got HIGH !

IB Sudent:I got HIGH too :) a 6-
what did YOU get on the test :/

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Quote #517

Only in the IB can you be thinking so hard about something that you get into an argument with yourself about it, lose the argument and then refuse to talk to yourself for days.

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Quote #558

You know you're in IB when you are surprised when a teacher says to not show your work.

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Quote #1901

Only in IB will three or four students start a discussion about the political ideologies of various superheroes, at which point the rest of the class will join in.

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Quote #59

"You guys are data bulimics. You just swallow it and then spew it out for the test. It's disgusting."

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Quote #123

"A play is like a nose. The more you dig, the more you find." (on the blackboard after literature class)

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Quote #1942

Since you are in IB, you know you have SOMETHING due tomorrow when you look on Facebook for some friends at 2:00am and find 90% of your IB friends doing the exact same thing. :D

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Quote #40

Naomi: Guys the end of the play says that, "I'd rather be dead than fat.......that's heavy"

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Quote #337

IB Co-ordinator: If you really want to you can read the Harry Potter books as a Creativity for CAS.

Student: Can that count as Service?

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Quote #39

Ms Jelena: "If the Hells Angels had stock, I would buy so much of that"

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Quote #620

(A group of IB students are outside and see a rainbow)

Student: Look! Refracted light!

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Quote #1733

When God wanted to show himself to the world, he wrote "YHWH".

Then came Satan, he wrote "IB"

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Quote #1231

You know you're in IB when you procrastinate with other IBers, you wind up talking about school.

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Quote #476

On quote #236

What about the other 1000?

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Quote #1117

Real life is a holiday compared to the IB.

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