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Quote #28

(During TOK class): Okay, I don't mean to be offensive... but I mean, the definition of art has a limit. If it sucks, then it's not art.

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Quote #303

This happened on MSN during one bleak night where an english essay was due the next day...

Tabz: Whats a noun?
Lucas: A naming word thingo... I dunno...
Tabz: omfg... there goes my mom's years of grammar correction...

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Quote #519

TOK: What is math?

Student 1: Math is a way of expressing ideas. Math is it's own language.

Student 2: Math is more than just a language. Math allows us to express ideas and statements that are impossible to express using a natural language.

Student 1: Can you give me an example?

-GDHS I.B 2007-2009

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Quote #346

HL Biology Teacher: "As we all know, you IB kids are at least 1 standard deviation from the norm"

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Quote #289

*class is talking*
Mr. Daly: *brings out grade reports and shakes them around*
Class: *stares silently at the grade reports*
Mr. Daly: Grade reports are like crack for IB students

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Quote #1976

You know you're in IB when the only type of 45 you can get is number of thumbs-ups on

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Quote #191

"Is this side 1?"

"Of course it is, that's a f*cking unit circle."

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Quote #1901

Only in IB will three or four students start a discussion about the political ideologies of various superheroes, at which point the rest of the class will join in.

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Quote #2118

HL Russian Chemistry Teacher: "You see, when I read answer that is long and drawn out it makes me very angry. I therefore look harder in your next answers for weakness."

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Quote #1299

During break time for IB students

Student 1: here let me try to catch that piece of cookie with my mouth
student 2: okay ready? (throws it to her face)
student 1: OMG i got it!

student 3: I want to try!
student: okay okay ready? (throws)
student 3: awh darn try again
student 2: (throws it again)
student 3: OH I GOT IT! HAHA YAAYY (claps)

this is what IB students call "so much fun"

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Quote #66

"Could you guys stop arguing over my head? I'm trying to READ"

A student in ITGS class, when another student was whining at the teacher

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Quote #479

Teacher: No, we won't be getting into our math groups today. Carter's talking out of turn.
Carter: Life is all about second chances.
Teacher: Not in IB it's not.

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Quote #491

Why did you decide to enter to IB course?
Because the whip and hot wax on the already bored me.
¿Por qué decidiste meterte al BI?
Porque el látigo y la cera caliente ya me aburrían.

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Quote #1229

Asian: Yeah, I never went to math camp, isn't that sad?

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Quote #41

IB is like vegetables. It sucks but it's good for you in the long run.

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Quote #2038

IB pickup line:
You must be chlorine cause you are polarizing my bond!

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Quote #832

(after IB History Essay)

Teacher: Do you think you did well on the essay?

Student: haha...I'm sure you'll think so..

teacher: what?

Student: Well, you see...the point of an essay to to write things that will make you think that i actually knew what you were talking about...when in fact I just used my superior bull shit skills that i got from IB english to make my essay sound convincing..

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Quote #750

The coordinator passes out papers and while talking to the lazy students sprawled out on the floor. "Okay guys, I want you to read "3 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination" before we go on with the retreat."
The students look at their coordinator in disbelief and fear for his sanity. One student breaks the long silence by calling out "I'll read it later!" while putting her paper in her bag. Her entire IB class follow her lead!

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Quote #1902

[In IB Physics HL, discussing entropy.]

Ms. D: So, imagine that you have a layer of salt and a layer of pepper in a jar. And then you shake it all up so that it's completely mixed up! How do you separate the salt and pepper into layers again?

Preston: Easy. You can just centrifuge it. And then because of the difference of masses, the salt and pepper will separate.

Max: Or you can put a charge on a spoon and attract the pepper particles to it. And the salt won't be attracted because it's not charged... as much.

Brian: Or you can eat it!

Amanda: I think the answer you're looking for is no. It's impossible.

Ms. D: Thank you!!!

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Quote #248

Mrs. Hardee, I think Dantes is the Count of Monte Cristo!

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Quote #833

IB English Teacher: So, what do you think will happen at the end of this book?

IB student: I think everyone is going to die.

IB English Teacher: (surprised at answer) why do you say that?!

IB student: (matter of factly) Well, there's at least a 50% mortality rate in all of our books.

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Quote #994

Grace: *pointing at a picture of a soldier* whats this?

Dusan: Well grace, thats called a MAN.

*class laughs*

Ms Kwok: Dusan! Come here!

* Dusan walks up towards the front of the class all panicky*

Ms Kwok: Listen, stop being so mean to Grace. She's not like you, she's very fragile and you shouldn't toy with her like that, It doesn't help that you have little girls laughing at her too.

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Quote #1386

Non-IB Student: If a tree falls in the woods, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

IB Student: If no one is around to hear or see this "tree", how do you know it exists?

Non-IB Student: ...

IB Student: ...and then, if you've never been to this "wood", how do you know it exists?

Non-IB Student: ...

IB Student: Moreover, where are these "woods"? You have to examine it from a cultural aspect, as well.

Non-IB Student: ...JUST FORGET IT.

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Quote #32

"Mao Ze-Dong!" - Josh

In response to the Carsoninian one enterting the room.

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Quote #304

(In IB HL Chemistry class)

Student 1: When is our test for this unit?
Chem Teacher: Thursday.
Student 2: But we have an APUSH test that day!
Student 3: And an English quiz!
Chem Teacher: Sorry, guys, I can't change it.
(Students groan and generally complain)
Chem Teacher: You guys are going to be really upset in a minute.
Student 1: Why?
Chem Teacher: I have your grade printouts.

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Quote #1492

English Teacher: If there is a fork in a poem what could it be? What could it mean?

Student 1: A Weapon
Student 2: A choice that must be made
Student 3: A fork in a road
Student 4: It could be that there is a stabbing need for something

Teacher: Have you ever thought that it might just be a fork?

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Quote #863

"Hitler drank out of paper cups so you know, if you drink from one, you're pretty much drinking with Hitler." -Will during a presentation about why plastic cups are the best.

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Quote #2077

IB Student very sick but still went to school to write science test.

IB Student: ****coughing**weezing**sneezing**

Teacher: If you're going to die, die before the test so I don't have to mark it.

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Quote #2093

IBer 1: IBers have an obsession and cannot do ANYTHING without thinking they should be working.

IBer 2: But, how do you know?

IBer 1: *runs to continue with EE research*

IBer 2: oo good plan.. CAS hours!! :)

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Quote #851

Your as sweet as 3.1415926535...................

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Quote #48

(on an MSN chat)

Person 1: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 2: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 1: Whoever types it first wins!
Person 2: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 1: Fuck you just copied it.
Person 2: huh..?
Person 1: Prove that you didn't copy it, you maker of logical fallacies!
Person 2: Me too.
Person 1: Started your math portfolio yet?
Person 2: What's a math portfolio?
Person 1: Fuck, wrong chat.

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Quote #2065

You know you are in IB:
when you go to a party and discuss the TOK essay you have due the following Friday.

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Quote #379

Non IB Student: Hey dude what's up?
IB Student: The positive y-axis!

- Aaron

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Quote #56

Frank: Are you talking about the frog's photosynthesis?
(This took place after TOK)

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Quote #1645

Is the following

A) A generous offer to help a fellow IBer in Chemistry Class
B) Proposition of sexual intercourse?

"Hey, Christopher, do you want to learn about sex hormones?"

The world may never know.

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Quote #10

Mrs. Birsan (physics teacher): Stupidity is loud.

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Quote #451

A pre-IB freshman econ class...

Teacher: SEX!
Students: *jump up*

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Quote #1075


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Quote #74

Mrs. Mahone, cherfully, in response to a complaining class:
"Welcome to IB!!!"

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Quote #581

The eternal TOK question: How do we know what we know?
The IB student answer: Because we memorised it!

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Quote #176

Thelma: You know the saying 'You sound smarter if you don't say anything?'

Mike: Yes, ironic isn't it?

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Quote #85

Student 1: In Shakespeare's Othello (pronounced Othayo) they come from the city of Venice (pronounced Venus).

Student 2: David, its OTHELLO, and VENICE. God, your an idiot.

[class hold back laughter]

Student 1: Oh!!! OK sorry. So Othayo...

[class bursts out laughing]

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Quote #1256

-in a brief discussion of the Inferno-

Even Satan would pause in the eating of heads to acknowledge that he was jealous of the sot who began IB, it is the highest form of mutilating the youth.

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Quote #136

IB Student in Maths Studies.
Student 1: I can't remember how to add.
Student 2: What 2 and 3?
Student 1: Does anyone have a calculator?
Student 1: It's just one of those days...

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Quote #837

In Biology SL
Bio teacher- Sex is the F-word...
Teacher- Fertilization!

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Quote #393

"You shall not pass"
-Gandalf on IB

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Quote #555

"You make me want to throw myself out a window. Open one so I can jump out! ...

No, not that one, I can't fit through that one."

- IB English teacher to IB student

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Quote #1140

Soccer coach writes |V| on the board.

Normal players: oh yay! 1 on 1!

IB players: what's absolute value of v?

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Quote #119

Student: Hey, did you see this? In his soliloquoy Hamlet goes from starting words with T's to W's to T's again and it's almost like a heartbeat!

English teacher: That's the point where even English nerds will say, "You might be reading too much into this..."

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Quote #273

(Male english teacher on Dr. Astrov from Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya")

"Well YES he was drunk, but he's also a man! And men are notoriously STUPID."

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