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Quote #60

Student 1: What's 2 times 9 again?
Student 2: Let me just get my GDC
Student 1: Wow ... we've actually forgotten how to think

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Quote #458

IB sucks the living and mortal soul from your body

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Quote #536

Quotes overheard in various classes. It's a wonder half of these people are even in the IB:
"I don't have palm cards, I have arm cards"- Nobby decided to cut his entire speech up and use them for his oral
"Just because you yell it doesn't mean you're right!!"- she yelled.
"Is pasta vegetarian?"
"I can't make my words any..uh..un-smarter than they already are"- as evident by that sentence, Nobby
"I'm spoonerific!"- a discussion about the differences between dislexia and spoonerisms. From Nobby
"The law is you have to cover your various naughty bits"- TOK
"Your fingers are like delicate little children"
"Water shouldn't be should be free..and stuff"- ethics of bottling water

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Quote #1394

I wonder if there is an IB rehab program. If so i'm getting my reservation.

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Quote #1654

IB French Teacher: Speaking counts for a third of your grade.
IB Student: Shit!
IB French Teacher: I know! Now try in French.
IB Student: Merde!

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Quote #4

"It's only 6 tests, how hard can it be to take 6 tests?"
- An IB student's little sister, age 9

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Quote #913

You know IB has gone a bit too far when u can actually make a business out of swapping homework with each other.

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Quote #544

ITGS Teacher: No problem, no project, no points!

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Quote #1639

If you are in IB and you ever find yourself without any homework to do one evening then one of the following events must be true:

1. You're forgetting something.
2. Something is wrong with your planner.
3. You're about to wake up in a few minutes.

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Quote #869

IB coordinator: That's a heavy book you've got there.
IB student: *heaving a thick Maths HL book & a big folder*
IB coordinator: It must be hard work with such a big fat book?
IB student: ALL the books are this thick.
IB coordinator: Everything in IB's big fat, eh?
IB student: Including the coordinator too.

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Quote #150

Eighth grader shadowing an IB student: I think I'm going to take IB when I come here.
IB Student: Don't do it! Save yourself! Save yourself while you still can!!!

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Quote #266

History teacher concerning Paper 1:

Origin, purpose, value and limitation - OPVL. If you don't do this I will find you in the middle of the night and do nasty things to you.

(most quotes of this type come with random dances..)

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Quote #1872

::lamenting that he can't get a girl::
Jesse: what are the chances that i'll be a future husband?
Jesse: that could be our next paper two

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Quote #1085

IB Student 1: *working on a math problem* So, this matrix is singular.
Non-IB Student: You're singular.
IB Student 1: Your mom's singular.
IB Student 2: Your mom's determinant is equal to zero?!

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Quote #1023

IB- abbreviation for Internal Brain-damage

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Quote #1140

Soccer coach writes |V| on the board.

Normal players: oh yay! 1 on 1!

IB players: what's absolute value of v?

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Quote #1755

You know you're taking IB Chem when you start making up your own abbreviations just to be able to take more notes in less time.

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Quote #734

School's Morning Announcements: The Terry Fox Run will be next week in second period!
Patricia: But I don't wanna miss biology to run. Do we get CAS hours?

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Quote #410

"On the way to school I contemplated driving into a tree instead of facing my chemistry IB teacher" (IB day dreams)

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Quote #564

Non-IB student: "So, how's your social life?"
IB student: "Hold on, how do you spell that? S-o-c-i-a-l. What's that?"
Non-IB student: "You know, you hang out with fun stuff...."
IB student: "Wow that sounds amazing! What class did you learn that in?"

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Quote #1651

(This occurred while taking an AR test on the book "Ender's Game", Mr.B was telling us what we should type in as our password, after we logged in)

Mr.B- "For your password type in your initials."
Kaitlin- "Do you want our middle initial too?
Mr.B- "Just the initials of your first and last name."

(Mr.B then realizes that our password is two a's)

Mr.B- "Sorry guys, your password is "aa".
Kaitlin- "What kind of a's? Do you want two capital,two lowercase, or one of each?"
Sarah- "Just type in two a's Kait!!!"

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Quote #719

Ever wondered if you could count banging your head against the wall as action hours?

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Quote #234

Iwan (to math teacher) : How do you explain THIS?
Teacher: Your calculator's not on?

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Quote #289

*class is talking*
Mr. Daly: *brings out grade reports and shakes them around*
Class: *stares silently at the grade reports*
Mr. Daly: Grade reports are like crack for IB students

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Quote #1344

Remember the good old days before IB when you could sleep in class and still get A's? Well now even in my dreams I fail.

SMT kid

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Quote #2111

The International Baccalaureate Program:
Putting the "nation" in "procrastination" since 1968

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Quote #706

In ToK Class talking about the Butterfly effect.

ToK Teacher: So the butterfly effect is the theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can cause a hurricane.

*Two Girls flap their arms*

ToK Teacher: Are you MOCKING me?

Girls: No, we're being butterflies of death!

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Quote #566

Typical History of the Americas class:
"So you're saying we're a democracy because we threw people out of office and we freed a few slaves in the north. That doesn't really make us a beacon of liberty."-Mr.Young

"We have a liberty bell."-Joe

"Which is as cracked as your argument!"-Mr.Young

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Quote #12

Carson: Pacman is so hard, im almost dead! How do I get a life?
Lucas: Stop playing.

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Quote #185

Physics Teacher: SO, if we cut the wire that holds up the elevator you would be in a weightless sutiation... But then it would crash... So you really wouldn't have much time to enjoy your weightlessness.

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Quote #502

Non IB student: DBQ....a barbeque for people with D's?

IB student: NO, no, no. It's an essay or personal written source where we gather information from a specific historic document, photgraph, piece of art, or book. You then take every little bit and detail and carefully analyze it until you can't go any further in depth. You then present in a carefully written essay that demonstrates your understanding and depiction of the document or source.

Non-IB student: What the fuck are you on?

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Quote #283

Anya: Hey, Oliver, can I borrow your math portfolio?
Oliver: I'd rather lend you my firstborn child.

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Quote #2097

You know you're in IB when you watch Math shows on TV over the summer break.

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Quote #97

"Optics is just a big blur to me."
- Lucas on optics unit in IB Physics HL

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Quote #1114

Teacher: The marks ranged from 37 to 3. Which is a good spread.

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Quote #1902

[In IB Physics HL, discussing entropy.]

Ms. D: So, imagine that you have a layer of salt and a layer of pepper in a jar. And then you shake it all up so that it's completely mixed up! How do you separate the salt and pepper into layers again?

Preston: Easy. You can just centrifuge it. And then because of the difference of masses, the salt and pepper will separate.

Max: Or you can put a charge on a spoon and attract the pepper particles to it. And the salt won't be attracted because it's not charged... as much.

Brian: Or you can eat it!

Amanda: I think the answer you're looking for is no. It's impossible.

Ms. D: Thank you!!!

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Quote #3

In IB we don't believe in miracles... We rely on them!

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Quote #122

(After hearing rumors of a Group 4 Project that lunch hour)

Student 1: What the hell is group 4?
Student 2: No idea but apparently we have to go to some meeting.
Student 3: Something to do with us doing some science project together.
Student 2: That's ok then I only do environmental systems.
Student 1: I need to do my World Lit 1.
Student 3: Well I donât give a @#£$ if you don't go just donât come asking me when you have no @£%&$"£% clue what to do.
Student 1 and 2: Meh I'll come then no need to do extra work trying to work out what to do in the first place.

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Quote #1493

Two ib students talking about something not school related. Ib student 1: thats like the complete opposite of what ur saying it's like a reciprocal ib student 2: your moms a reciprocal.

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Quote #474

Life is like a box of HL IB Chemistry. You never know what you're gonna get, but it'll probably suck.

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Quote #661

Student: So I was wondering... Why aren't we allowed to take five HL classes?
IB Coordinator: Because it looks bad for the IB program when students commit suicide.

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Quote #2085

IB Student: perfection is the asymptote of life...

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Quote #156

This occurred randomly while walking through the mall.

IB Student: *pointing at other person's feet* Are those really actual shoes??

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Quote #292

IB Physics pick-up line: Are you infrared? Because girl, you're giving off heat!

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Quote #276

Teacher: All right lets do a reading assignmet for extra credit.

Student: Can we take a quiz instead?

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Quote #260

In an IB Physics class:

Student: So what causes light to refract?
Teacher: Imagine light is a tractor driving first on pavement and then on some other denser medium... say, cheese grits...

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Quote #1062

Flora: I'm cold even with mittens on! How do I get an exothermic reaction to take place inside the mittens?

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Quote #383

teacher to students: now write your name on this notecard.

Student 1: OK
Student 2: This is easy!

IB Teacher to IB students: now write your name on this notecard

IB Student 1: how big?
IB Student 2: which corner?
IB Student 3: cursive or print?
IB Student 4: do we need to put our whole middle name or just our middle initial?
IB Student 5: What if we don't have a middle name?
IB Student 6: Is pencil okay?
IB Student 7: Do you want it on the side with lines or the blank side?

and we are wondering why IB is so hard

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Quote #90

History Teacher: By the end of Exam Paper Three you will not be able to find your hand.

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Quote #484

Student 1: Relativity makes no sense.
Student 2: In comparison to what?

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