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Quote #992

Dad: Water is an amazing substance, have you ever wondered why ice cubes float in water, even though they're made out of water?

IB student: Well that's because there are tiny air bubbles trapped within them...


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Quote #1208

regular kids skip chemistry to smoke. IB kids skip chemistry to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama

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Quote #1814

You know your in IB when for the past four years, all the English books you have read, someone always dies...and their deaths are symbolic

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Quote #132

"Democracy is like sausage; it's one of those things we all love but don't want to see being made."
-IB History teacher

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Quote #258

Dictatorsarefun: But all your thinking is theoretical, I can't accept it with out empirical data
Dictatorsarefun: only humor it
VoteforNimitz: It's acceptable until a better data model is available
VoteforNimitz: It has the most theoretical backing
VoteforNimitz: otherwise we are mulling around without a clue as to what's going on like a bunch of Saxons
VoteforNimitz: The acceptance of theory allows for some illusion of knowledge
Dictatorsarefun: ahahhaha

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Quote #1673

IB Kid 1: At my old school, there were three IB programmes, starting at age 5.

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Quote #446

If IB kids are supposed to be so smart, then how did we fall for THIS trick....


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Quote #994

Grace: *pointing at a picture of a soldier* whats this?

Dusan: Well grace, thats called a MAN.

*class laughs*

Ms Kwok: Dusan! Come here!

* Dusan walks up towards the front of the class all panicky*

Ms Kwok: Listen, stop being so mean to Grace. She's not like you, she's very fragile and you shouldn't toy with her like that, It doesn't help that you have little girls laughing at her too.

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Quote #227

While you lot are adding quotes, some of us are doing our work!

(from Tino Tenda and Saquib Ali)

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Quote #2082

You know you are in IB when you are too busy to think about suicide.

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Quote #1577

You know you're in IB when:
You notice the fact that in the first heroic scene of Hancock, all the people are wearing blue, symbolic for the peace in his life.

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Quote #2119

HL Chemistry teacher:

If you put potato in water and make vodka, I give extra credit!

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Quote #14

(In an argument over whether music is a language, being a system of symbols often used to convey messages, Jany argues that it isn't, and Mr. Oliver argues that it is.)

Mr. Oliver: There are many examples of music being used as a language, for example in Africa they use a drum that is stored the entire language of the people.

Jany: But that isn't music.

Mr. Oliver: How do you define music?

Jany: A system of sound that doesn't represent language.

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Quote #359

Math Teacher: "Lets all just pause and enjoy this moment, 'cause it's all about to go beedonk!"

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Quote #356

Tom (in English HL while working on a poetry commentary): This is the most BORING SHIT I have ever done in my whole life.
Katie: You obviously haven't started reading Virginia Woolf yet...

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Quote #1796

You know when your doing IB when:

You realised that it should be "you're", not "your" in the title, first time around

Everyone else will now look again.

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Quote #236

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who know binary and those who don't.

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Quote #547

Math teacher: So you have the species of male and female....

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Quote #312

IB Coordinator: After you finish your Extended Essay, you will have put about 40 hours of work into it.

Student: Do we get CAS hours?

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Quote #1018

This is IB, you may pick 2 of the following:

1. Good Grades
2. Enough Sleep
3. A Social Life

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Quote #125

Chemistry teacher: You can't break polyatomic ions! Unless you're God... but you're NOT GOD!!

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Quote #598

You know you are in IB when you feel physical pain when seperated from your GDC.

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Quote #626

IB Student: Yesterday, a mum asked me if her son should apply to the IB. I told her to take her son's hand, run, and never look back.

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Quote #439

IB English teacher: "All of your titles are cute, can dance to it. But IB is the enemy of all things fun."

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Quote #1694

You know you're IB when you write a letter to the principal saying your chemistry class needs more pH meters so you can do your labs.

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Quote #6

Newly hired ITGS Teacher: "What's an internal assessment?"

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Quote #1004

Fred: It's okay Charlie, true love will break your heart.

Charlie: Who cares about my heart, that bitch broke my study plan!

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Quote #423

IB kid paying out other IB kid: You're such a soletrader.

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Quote #679

Teacher: So are you coming tomorrow? (referring to Saturday English tutorial)
Student: Uh no, I have a life.
Teacher: HAHA yeah right, you do IB; you therefore don't have a life.
Student: Correction, you only don't have a life if you PASS IB.
Teacher:...ahh touche

qasmt represent*

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Quote #999

Jess: Ouch, I just hit myself with the corner of that bag thing.
Jill: Isn't it circular?
Jess: Yah, so?
Jill: Circles don't have corners.
Jess: Yah, I guess you're right, I hit myself with the edge.
Jill: They don't have edges either.
Jess: Whatever.
Jill: I'm telling Mr. Clark (HL Math Teacher).

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Quote #2071

Ib student: wow. its creepy out here.

ib student #2: If i get kidnapped...can u hand in my math investigation?

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Quote #2084

IB - the only place where a B stands for "below average"

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Quote #317

Math class, talking about provincials:

Teacher: ...and when you're filling the numbers in on the bubble sheet make sure it's really clear what number it is, cause the computer can get it confused... don't make your fives look like eights.
Student 1: What about European sevens?
Teacher: Like with a dash through them? That's fine.
Student 2: What about asian fives?
Teacher: ...What the HELL is an ASIAN FIVE!?!
Class: ahahahhahhahahahhahahah lolololol

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Quote #762

Maths First year -

maths teacher finish's drawing a curve on a graph
students: *laughter* (curve looks like a butt)
teacher: stop laughing
*more laughter*
student: sir you cant stop yourself from laughing HAHAHA

Last Year of IB maths

maths teacher: *Cracks a joke*
students: *stare*
maths teacher: haven't u ever heard of a joke? laugh?
student: laugh? hmmmmm, oh yeah! good times *stares*

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Quote #224

IB Spanish Student 1: How do I address the person in the start of my letter?
IB Spanish Student 2: Cuidado amiga
IB Spanish Student 1: "Caution" friend?
IB Spanish Student 2: Wait, that's on the wet floor signs... oops.

(The word they were looking for was "querido")

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Quote #987

IB student: you didn't tell us we couldn't use the same word twice!

Teacher: You didn't ask.

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Quote #467

IB Calculus teacher: *frustrated* You guys are like monkeys with your bananas in your hands, just poking them randomly to see if you can find a space to stick them! You should be EXPERTS at plugging in by this point; you've been doing it for years!
Antonio: haha, plugging in!
Teacher: *baffled*

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Quote #565

"C'mon, what are the causes for the Cold War! You're drawing blanks here!"-Mr.Young
"...We gotta think outside the box?"-Travis
"...Inside the box?"-Joe
"First you got to get a box!"-Mr.Young

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Quote #12

Carson: Pacman is so hard, im almost dead! How do I get a life?
Lucas: Stop playing.

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Quote #700

Non IB: *sits next to IB whose on PC* Hey! How the crazy world of that really hard thingy... going?
IB: Yeah, pretty good, not dead yet.
Non IB: What are you looking at?
IB: Oh quotes put up by people doing my course. Here look!

5 minutes later

Non IB: What the &@*$ are you people on?

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Quote #353

IB Student 1: I'm so getting a higher grade than in Physics this year. I'll duel to death if I have to.
IB Student 2: Ooh, I'll be Andrew Jackson, and you be Aaron Burr.
IB Student 1: No way, I want to be Andrew Jackson!
Non-IB Student: I will never understand you guys...

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Quote #377

After IB Physics is over, I will throw the textbook off a cliff and calculate the momentum when it hits the ground...

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Quote #476

On quote #236

What about the other 1000?

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Quote #996

Patricia: Do you think they'll have alcohol at the IB Christmas Party?
Genie: ...IB kids drinking? Can you imagine us drunk? We would be like... "HAHA YOUR FACE IS A PARABOLA."

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Quote #1008

CAS = Childish Action of Students

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Quote #2111

The International Baccalaureate Program:
Putting the "nation" in "procrastination" since 1968

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Quote #170

IB, I'm Better.

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Quote #609

emily louise anne says:
what can i write a tok jounal on?
Courtney says:
does it have to be on something youve talked about in class?
emily louise anne says:
Courtney says:
Courtney says:
write it on a life experience
emily louise anne says:
i dont have a life
emily louise anne says:
i do IB

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Quote #150

Eighth grader shadowing an IB student: I think I'm going to take IB when I come here.
IB Student: Don't do it! Save yourself! Save yourself while you still can!!!

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Quote #1149

An IB graduate skills.

veteran procrastinator.
immune to caffeine.
professional BSer
can function on little or no sleep.
Knows how to wright 4000 words of professional sounding jargon.
Is able to ask his or her long dead relatives for help completing projects by 5 in the morning.
Knows Stalin better than his grandmother.

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