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Quote #391

What does IB mean?

Internal Bullshit!

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Quote #59

"You guys are data bulimics. You just swallow it and then spew it out for the test. It's disgusting."

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Quote #63

I.B is good for people with suicidal tendencies: instead of sitting down at 5pm to start a 2000-word essay and thinking, 'Oh my God, I want to die,' you sit down at 2am to start a 2000-word essay and all you can think is 'Oh my God, I want to sleep.'

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Quote #680

Physics teacher: Who knows what the largest star is?
Rory: oh yeah I know this one, pretty sure I saw it last night.
Physics Teahcer: uh Rory that was the moon.
Rory: :O sir, no it wasn't was bigger than that
Physics teacher: the sun then?

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Quote #74

Mrs. Mahone, cherfully, in response to a complaining class:
"Welcome to IB!!!"

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Quote #440

IB English teacher: "You are the bricks on the yellow brick road on which teachers love to walk on."

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Quote #754

To be or not IB therefore there is no question

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Quote #942

regular Student: So what do you do in IB?
IB student: We put life, soul, sanity, social life and body to the line for the the act of absorbing and regurgitating information at will in the service of IBO.
regular student: Why dude?
IB student: Good question haven't really given it that much thought.

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Quote #584

"Taking an IB exam is like going to Disney World!"
-IB Bio Teacher

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Quote #206

History teacher: "By the end of IB, you're going to know Stalin better than your own grandfather!"

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Quote #1752

IB Bio class

IB Teacher: stress can cause infertility.
IB student: Oh, so i guess us IB kids are never giving birth.

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Quote #236

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who know binary and those who don't.

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Quote #1386

Non-IB Student: If a tree falls in the woods, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

IB Student: If no one is around to hear or see this "tree", how do you know it exists?

Non-IB Student: ...

IB Student: ...and then, if you've never been to this "wood", how do you know it exists?

Non-IB Student: ...

IB Student: Moreover, where are these "woods"? You have to examine it from a cultural aspect, as well.

Non-IB Student: ...JUST FORGET IT.

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Quote #1845

You know you need lives when your friend tells you the following:

"So last night I dreamed I was having sex with Hamlet, when Freud walked in on us and started telling me it was reflective of a miserable childhood- on my part, not his."

"So you got Freud to analyze your sex life with a literary character."

"It made it all worth it."

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Quote #1319

This morning, before getting in the shower, I passed out.

My first thought when coming out was not "Oh my god, I just passed out", it was "I'm incredibly lucky, now I don't have to take my Calc test."

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Quote #2085

IB Student: perfection is the asymptote of life...

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Quote #448

An IB student's AIM away message:

"You know what this feels like? It's like it's September 1939 and I'm Britain and he's Germany. I'm SO done with appeasement here."

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Quote #25

Ms. Shannon (when physics students were studying for a test in her room during lunch time): Why don't you guys go ask Ms. Birsan, if you don't get it?

Students look at each other and smile nervously: Because we are too chicken to ask her?

*collectively shrug*

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Quote #412

Sitting in chemistry:
KJ (teacher): When naming polar covalent...
(Intercom comes on and tells school to get into tornado position)
KJ: Okay, everyone hold onto your bookbags and there's no way the tornado can lift you off the ground.

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Quote #861

Pete (to Mr. Roche(who is prematurely balding) after he called him a girl): Hey, hey, maybe we can have a sleepover and braid each others'...oh wait.

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Quote #1275

"I B or not I B,
Should that even be a question?"

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Quote #805

You know you're an IB student when you get happy and excited because your friend gives you maths revision material he found in the recycling bin.

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Quote #201

TOK Teacher (about "general truths"): Well, quartz is a metal, everyone agrees with that...

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Quote #99

To be or not to be
'tis no longer a question:
IB, therefore, I suffer.

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Quote #1916

you know youre in IB when you start reading your ToK essay just for fun, and then try to think of an argument against it.


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Quote #209

GAHHH....GRRR.....ANGER. (Psych teacher refering to IAs)

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Quote #1078

*sung to the tune of the 12 days of christmas*
On the first day of IB my teachers gave to me ...
12 examinations
11 long equations
10 mental breakdowns
9 questions begging
8 textbooks slamming
7 days of working
6 broken pencils
5 PAPER 3s!
4 thousand words
3 hours sleep
2 broken wrists

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Quote #528

Chemistry teacher walks past student and knocks her stool.

Student1: Hey, you hit my stool!
Teacher: Really?

Teacher does it again and then kicks the student's stool next to hers (Student 2)

Student 2: What was that about?
Teacher: I just don't like you.

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Quote #641

(a sine and cosine maths lesson)

IB SL Maths student: Sir, when are we ever going to use this in real life?

Maths teacher: In your final exams.

*IB Student rolls eyes* Yeah but after that?

Maths Teacher: Never. You know you don't have to do it.

IB student: Really?? So why am I doing this?

Math teacher: You want to pass the IB?

IB student: Oh yeah...

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Quote #1932

Econ teacher: When investing in stocks you should look for things that are inelastic... like porn.

Student: Porn makes me inelastic.

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Quote #1722

An IB student says, "Guys, it's okay we don't sleep now. We'll be SO ready for college that we'll have the first two years of college work finished during the summer GOING INTO college... We can just sleep for those two years. I swear it all works out!..."

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Quote #333

Freshman Pre-IB Math

Student 1-What did the angel say to the other angle?
Teacher - Let's stop stalling for the test.
Student 1- NO! lets co-inside!

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Quote #1865

You know you're in IB when:

you and your other IBers compare flash drives.

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Quote #214

I don’t even complain about IB anymore. It’s just a part of my life and I can’t even remember how life used to be…before I used to moan and whine about the program and wish I could have my life back. I can’t even remember what “life” is anymore. It has sucked all optimism and fun out of my teenage life…wait what life? Although insanity does have its perks…try bursting into tears of laughter after stories that have no meaning or significance except to keep us from doing our work.

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Quote #512

In IB History Class while writing an in class essay......

*A student outside is screaming*

The class all looks toward the window
Ms. Zarcone looks up from her desk to say "Don't worry, it's an IB student"

*The class laughs*

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Quote #1124

Procrastination is like unprotected sex the more you do it the worse off you are.

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Quote #474

Life is like a box of HL IB Chemistry. You never know what you're gonna get, but it'll probably suck.

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Quote #597

IB Student: Mr. Carlson, I'm only a Pre-IB sophomore and I have to take three AP Exams this year.
Mr. Carlson: Come on, that's no way to look at things. Some people don't have any AP Exams at all.

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Quote #316

In math class:

Student: This sucks, I used up all my IB days and now I don't have any to study for my exams.
Mr. Snow: I laugh in your general direction.

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Quote #132

"Democracy is like sausage; it's one of those things we all love but don't want to see being made."
-IB History teacher

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Quote #1680

"Having IB friends over for supper over Easter and to do English we there watching pirates of Caribbean 1"

Jack Sparrow: Consider your own fortunes gentlemen the deepest circle of hell is reserved for traitors and mutineers.

IB Student: Oh great so that's why we don't trust each other.

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Quote #537

You know you've had enough of IB English when you express your heartbreak by giving its parallel situation in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water.

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Quote #1687

You know you're in IB when you discover the aesthetic beauty of school supplies.

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Quote #928

(IB Students are discussing upcoming field trip to Presidential Inauguration in January)

Teacher coordinating fiedl trip: It will be really cold, guys. You may be standing outside for five hours in 10 degree weather.
Student: Can we get action hours for that?

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Quote #763

an ib stdnt wud look at dis, strggle in readin it, an gt psd of

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Quote #466

Physics Teacher: Now imagine a pink fluffy cloud at the back of the room. Now imagine that there are ping-pong balls being thrown into the cloud. That's how particles work!

Class: WTF???

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Quote #237

Teacher is explaining differentiation to the class

SL Maths Student: Are we ever going to use this in real life?
Teacher: Of course.
SL Maths Student: When?
Teacher: In the exam.

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Quote #1955

IB is like a mafia family
one crooked, messed up family
and once you are in, there is no turning back
and if you do leave, IB will find you one way or another

10th IB DHS

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Quote #1651

(This occurred while taking an AR test on the book "Ender's Game", Mr.B was telling us what we should type in as our password, after we logged in)

Mr.B- "For your password type in your initials."
Kaitlin- "Do you want our middle initial too?
Mr.B- "Just the initials of your first and last name."

(Mr.B then realizes that our password is two a's)

Mr.B- "Sorry guys, your password is "aa".
Kaitlin- "What kind of a's? Do you want two capital,two lowercase, or one of each?"
Sarah- "Just type in two a's Kait!!!"

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Quote #2

IB isn't so bad once you get used to it. I no longer suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!

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