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I was planning on dropping IB, but as it turns out I procrastinated on that too.

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IB teacher: does anyone know why we have a double sphincter in the anus?

IB student: so nothing will go up your ass?

IB teacher:, i'm pretty sure you can make things go up your anus if you try hard enough

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Quote #1086

Math teacher passes out a piece of paper that says, "The Big Three"

Student: Oh, look! It's Clemenceau! And Lloyd George and Woodrow Wilson!
Math Teacher: Actually, I was referring to the three major car companies in Detroit...

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Quote #191

"Is this side 1?"

"Of course it is, that's a f*cking unit circle."

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Quote #783

HL bio teacher on prokaryotes: SO what do we know about these kinds of cells? They are the STRIPPERS of the CELL WORLD!!! You know why? Because they have NAKED DNA *starts humming a stripper sounding song* .. and what shape do they have? a COIL.. around BALLS! because they're attracted to BALLS, these naked DNA! are what? STRIPPERS OF THE CELL WORLD :)

class: O_O

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Quote #2024

you know you're in IB when you find the quotes on this website better than those on

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Quote #1593

In TOK class

"Is it true that if all of the chinese people jump at the same time, the earth will shake?

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Quote #12

Carson: Pacman is so hard, im almost dead! How do I get a life?
Lucas: Stop playing.

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Quote #416

During a year 11 TOK class

“Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.”
Bertrand Russell (1917)

Student: Oh great, another pointless part of TOK.

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Quote #502

Non IB student: DBQ....a barbeque for people with D's?

IB student: NO, no, no. It's an essay or personal written source where we gather information from a specific historic document, photgraph, piece of art, or book. You then take every little bit and detail and carefully analyze it until you can't go any further in depth. You then present in a carefully written essay that demonstrates your understanding and depiction of the document or source.

Non-IB student: What the fuck are you on?

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Quote #133

"A person accidentally swallows a drop of liquid oxygen..."
-IB Chemistry gas practice problem

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Quote #639

Since you are procrastinating anyway, do the following drawing that was presented to the BSRJ History HL students by the very talented Mr. Nash ("talented" was not sarcastic, he's awesome):

1. Draw a circle and call it Germany.
2. Draw another circle right underneath it and call it Austria.
3. Erase the junction to form a butt-looking Anschluss.
4. Draw a long horizontal cylindric/oval shape with one end (western border, i.e. left end) touching the junction and call it Czechoslovakia.
5. Outline the left tip of Czechoslovakia and call it the Sudetenland.
6. Now, draw a small horizontal line through the Sudetenland to indicate the path of the troops.

Can you believe this map was drawn accidentally?

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Quote #198

During a review period in English class.

IB student: Horse cow testicles
The rest of the students and teacher: HAHAHA!!!
IB student: I mean cow horse!
*laughter continues*
IB student: Damn it!!!

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Quote #1067

Selling for Bead for Life...

Alanah: "Okay Michael, so you need to bring money to buy necklaces for your mom and female relatives."
Michael: "...Do I get CAS hours for it?"
Alanah: "No, but we do!"
Michael: "Wtf."

Patricia: "Cathy, tell Mr. Ha we got more beads so he can buy something for his wife for Christmas!"
Cathy: "Do I get CAS hours for it?"
Patricia: "..." Thinking: That phrase is overused.
Cathy: "Okay fine."

She never told him anything.

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Quote #1881

my Cold War essay topic is possitive and negative effects of the Cold War, i came up with...
positive: its over
negative: we have to write essays about it

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Quote #1342

IB coordinator:
"okay everyone, its time to start thinking about titles for your EE"
IB student:
"will that count for CAS hours?"

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Quote #430

Chemistry Teacher: (writes an equation on the board including around 2 tons of carbon)

Student 1: (Reads equation) That's a whole lot of carbon!!
Student 2: You're a whole lot of carbon!!

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Quote #692

Non IB kids see "TV" and think of the distance between them, their television, and the remote.
An IB kid sees "TV" and thinks of the distance formula.

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Quote #928

(IB Students are discussing upcoming field trip to Presidential Inauguration in January)

Teacher coordinating fiedl trip: It will be really cold, guys. You may be standing outside for five hours in 10 degree weather.
Student: Can we get action hours for that?

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Quote #294

Math Class:

Teacher: So class, what's different about today's note?

Student: OH! I KNOW! The unit title has a bubble around it, usually, it has a box, and only the lesson title has a bubble!

Teacher: Right! Good work!

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Quote #305

(IB Student's Mom is looking at his progress report)

Mom: You have a D in English!
Student: Yeah, I know. It's okay.
Mom: It is?!
Student: Yeah, everyone else has a D too.

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Quote #1372

The only way to pass ToK is to prove it does not exist.

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Quote #391

What does IB mean?

Internal Bullshit!

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Quote #238

Blackmon: The district has never done anything right! Hello, the FCRAP?!?!
Johana: The what?
Blackmon: FCRAP?
Johana: Don't you mean the FCAT?
Blackmon: Wow! REALLY? *sighs*

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Quote #2109

Most recent jokes ive heard ..

IB student - "your mums so fat she causes dark flow"

A level student - "wht do women call it PMT.

As mad cow desease was already taken"...

Seriously... we can see a distinct differnce :P

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Quote #27

Mr. Hughes (chemistry teacher): Give me an element.
Jason (shouting): Strontium!
Mr. Hughes: ok Carbon.

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Quote #107

[Imperial March Theme Song]

Student: Omg, here is Mrs. Lowrey!
Mrs. Lowrey: I find your lack of literacy disturbing...


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Quote #611

(students talking excitedly in Bio Class)
Bio Teacher: i just finished grading your cell test...

complete silence...

(Non-IB teacher walks by...)
Non-IB teacher: i wonder how he commands so much respect from his students..."confused look"

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Quote #1102

Non-IB student: Get a life...

IB stident: Are you implying I have the time?

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Quote #223

Discussing a valentines day party:

English Teacher: So if you bring valentines, bring one for everyone. I don't want one kid getting none and another getting 5.

Michael: But that's reality!

English Teacher: Be quiet Michael, I'm doing you a favor. You won't get any anyways.

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Quote #1536

Student 1: Wow, so you go to my school?
Student 2: Yes, have been for the past two years.
Student 1: How come I have never seen you before?
Student 2: I am in IB.
Student 1: O.O Enough said.

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Quote #112

Student 1: Hey! I've got a brilliant EE topic!
Student 2: Ah-uhm...
Student 1: It will be: Oedipus, the original motherfucker...
Student 2: ...

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Quote #429

Who built the ToK ArK?


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Quote #1916

you know youre in IB when you start reading your ToK essay just for fun, and then try to think of an argument against it.


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Quote #163

I want to commit suicide, but I'm too busy doing the IB.

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Quote #409

IB Bio teacher: So in a few weeks, the cats will be delivered and we will be dissecting them.
Christian: omg! could you like, put a surprise into each cat?
Chris: Yeah! Like a lollipop or something?
IB Bio teacher: yeah! I'll sit in my classroom all day opening up cats and putting in little toys!
Half the class: REALLY?
IB Bio teacher: NO.
Class: *disappointment*

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Quote #451

A pre-IB freshman econ class...

Teacher: SEX!
Students: *jump up*

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Quote #1439

Non-IB: So, how do you think you'll do on the IB exams?
IB: Well, I think I'll probably pass. I just have to study 4 hours each day.

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Quote #960

IB student: I had a dream the other night that I came to school without pants. Then the next day I came to school missing an arm. The third day I came to school without my homework and my dad came in and woke me up because I was screaming so loudly.

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Quote #711

The real purpose of the IB student is to develop masochism.

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Quote #352

IB Student: It took me 12 weeks to do my Research Paper for Inquiry Skills!
Non IB Student: How come?
IB Student: Well, it took 6 weeks for my Thesis Statement. 5 weeks and a half for my outline. Then half a week to write it! All the while doing research!
Non IB Student: What was the paper on?
IB Student: I have no idea....

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Quote #209

GAHHH....GRRR.....ANGER. (Psych teacher refering to IAs)

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Quote #393

"You shall not pass"
-Gandalf on IB

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Quote #504

IB math, you only get it after the test!

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Quote #463

Quote on an IB teacher's webpage:

All's fair in love and finals.

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Quote #156

This occurred randomly while walking through the mall.

IB Student: *pointing at other person's feet* Are those really actual shoes??

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Quote #2084

IB - the only place where a B stands for "below average"

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Quote #2098

You know you're in IB when you're in a technology store and you yell 'Oooh, books!'

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I'm so hot my enzymes denaturate.

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Quote #681

IB a nerd today,
IB your boss tomorrow...

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