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Bard on the beach watching King Lear:

Kahan: You wanna know the difference between us and normies?
Maxim: We are smarter, more powerful, and we actually are culturally trained?
Kahan: No! When we go to these things, we actually want to watch, when the normies go, they just do it to make their parents pay the $15 and get outta class.
Maxim: But we got outta class too....
Kahan: We did something good with our lives...
Maxim: Watch a play with vacuum cleaners, guns, and business suits?
Kahan: Yah.

(5 minutes later)

English Teacher: What are you guys gossiping about?
Kahan: We are talking about the play, really!
English Teacher: Pfft. Tell me what you told Maxim then!
Kahan: We wasted...er... spent the time at the play very well and with a good purpose.


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