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In HL Physics. A class of 11 students. The teacher and all the students are male except for me.

Chapter on Quantum and Nuclear Physics.

"... And so you have quarks which make up hadrons. Now, you have many different kinds of hadrons like baryons and mes--"

*genuinely puzzled* "Sir, sir, wait. I don't understand. What are *looks at notes* hard on--"
Whole class bursts into laughter. "-- I MEAN hadrons?"

'Hard on! He said hard on! AHAHA!'
'Ahaha, Jerome, you're an idiot.'
'Jerome! It's HADrons!'
'Hard on... Ahaha'
''What is a hard on'... Ahaha. You don't know what a hard on is, Jerome?'

Then they start noticing my presence and become uncomfortable.

I think I laughed the hardest.

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