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IB Student 1: Okay, say the school were to be attacked by zombies. How would you defend it?

IB Student 2: I'd make them sit a HL maths exam I reckon that'd kill them off pretty quickly...

IB Student 1: But what about if they pass it with a 7? Then the ones that remain would not only be the walking dead, but the walking dead with highest mark possible internationally recognised pre-university certificate!! We'd be defeated!

IB Student 2: Yeah, but doing HL maths would make them even more dead, and making a dead thing dead is a double negative and that'd make them alive, and if they're alive...then they'd have to be afraid of us, wouldn't they, 'cos we're almost dead anyway.

IB Student 1: Why the hell would you want to defend the school in the first place, anyway?

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