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Two I.B. Students are at a Volleyball Tournament on a Saturday, in another city other than the one they practice in.

Student 1 (to her team): Hey guys, be careful of how hard you hit and serve the ball, the altitude is different.

Another Teammate: Why does the altitude matter?

Student 2: Well, the higher altitude alters the air pressure inside and outside of the ball itself, increasing the molecule movement, thus allowing for more potential energy to be translated into kinetic energy, allowing for the ball to stay suspended and go farther in the air. blah, blah, more complicated mathematical equations........

Student 1: Exactly

Another: Wow, where do you guys come up with this stuff? Are you in Physics?

Student 1 and 2 look at each other and laugh

Student 2: Nope, we're in I.B. We've been programmed to think that way. Even on a Saturday.

Student 1: So do you think we can count volleyball Hours today as creativity as well as action?

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