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Quote #123

"A play is like a nose. The more you dig, the more you find." (on the blackboard after literature class)

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Quote #122

(After hearing rumors of a Group 4 Project that lunch hour)

Student 1: What the hell is group 4?
Student 2: No idea but apparently we have to go to some meeting.
Student 3: Something to do with us doing some science project together.
Student 2: That's ok then I only do environmental systems.
Student 1: I need to do my World Lit 1.
Student 3: Well I donât give a @#£$ if you don't go just donât come asking me when you have no @£%&$"£% clue what to do.
Student 1 and 2: Meh I'll come then no need to do extra work trying to work out what to do in the first place.

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Quote #121

Music teacher: What's one important thing you remember about Wagner?

Student: He didn't like Jewish people.

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Quote #120

In Music...

Student: This song is SUFFERING and PAIN and DARKNESS and DEATH!!!!!

*begins playing Mozart's Rondo a la Turk*

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Quote #119

Student: Hey, did you see this? In his soliloquoy Hamlet goes from starting words with T's to W's to T's again and it's almost like a heartbeat!

English teacher: That's the point where even English nerds will say, "You might be reading too much into this..."

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Quote #118

Video in history: In Japan at the time, the philosophy was "American things, Japanese ideals"

Student: Now it's the other way around...

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Quote #117

Get online at 4 am...
find three of my IB friends still online.
one's away message says "finishing Internal Assessment"
the next, "procrastinating on Internal Assessment"
the last one, "finally done with Internal Assessment!"

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Quote #116

From a website:
Procrastination is like masturbation.
It's a lot of fun until you realize you've just fucked yourself.

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Quote #114

Movie in French....

Guy on screen: We were married in December 1939...... We first made love
in May 1939.

Naive IB student: Wait, did he just say that was BEFORE they were

Equally naive IB student: Yeah, that doesn't make sense.

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Quote #113

In biology class -

Girl: What is a placenta?
Boy: Something in your armpit.

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Quote #112

Student 1: Hey! I've got a brilliant EE topic!
Student 2: Ah-uhm...
Student 1: It will be: Oedipus, the original motherfucker...
Student 2: ...

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Quote #111

Student: How do you change the page numbers in word?
Teacher: You go in, do something and click.

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Quote #110

Teacher: So what's Newton's Universal Law of Gravitiation?
Student 1: What goes up must come down? (as a joke)
[Teacher looks a Student 1 like she's stupid]
Student 2: Aaah, but what is up and what is down?
Student 1: Shut up, you've been doing too much TOK.

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Quote #108

IB is an invitation to suicide.

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Quote #107

[Imperial March Theme Song]

Student: Omg, here is Mrs. Lowrey!
Mrs. Lowrey: I find your lack of literacy disturbing...


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Quote #106


Student: Also Mr, we need some decorations, such as erotic (exotic) fruits etc.

Class: (Utter silence, then a small sound, a growing cackle as students begin to realise that erotic is NOT the right word)

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Quote #105

Sitting next to a pretty girl and talking for hours can feel like minutes but sitting on a hot stove for a few minutes can feel like hours. THATS relativity.

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Quote #104

[some question about chemistry eliciting some answer about chemistry]
Mark: Can we quote you an that sir?
Mr Dixon: No you can't, I know nothing, it's offical.
Mark: Can we quote you on that sir?

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Quote #103

IB Smart, but IB Screwed.

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Quote #102

Chemistry Teacher: Just treat me like God.

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Quote #101

History teacher: The atlatl was an important development, because it allowed spears to be thrown much further and more accurately. For example, it would be quite easy for me to hit that student smoking down there.

Student: They should make that into a stop-smoking campaign!

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Quote #100

Student (to teacher): Why are you so late?
English Teacher: Why are you so ugly?

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Quote #99

To be or not to be
'tis no longer a question:
IB, therefore, I suffer.

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Quote #98

Chem Teacher: Did you guys hear about the bear that fell in the water and dissolved?

Class: No...

Chem Teacher: They say he was polar!

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Quote #97

"Optics is just a big blur to me."
- Lucas on optics unit in IB Physics HL

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Quote #96

IB, therefore I BS.

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Quote #95

IB Coordinator: MSN is the demise of my IB Program.

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Quote #94

IBS: Internal Bowel Syndrome

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Quote #93

Student: Haha, and then he was laughing so hard.

Math teacher: What are you doing?

Student: Nothing...


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Quote #92

TOK Teacher: Song lyrics today don't understand the SUBJUNCTIVE tense.. I mean, "homies", what IS that?!

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Quote #91

IB History Teacher: *sneezes* I'm allergic to students.

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Quote #90

History Teacher: By the end of Exam Paper Three you will not be able to find your hand.

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Quote #89

Chem HL Teacher: Any demonstration where the teacher may die is a good one.

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Quote #88

Student: Is that gunna be on the test?

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Quote #87

What we don't realize is, this is all just a huge scientific study to find out how much stress kids can be put under before they haul off and kill themselves. The idea is that they give students amounts of work that are impossible to achieve, and periodically add more and more work during times when key projects are due. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of it. I quit.
- Student to entire class

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Quote #86

English teacher is looking up a sex scene from Like Water For Chocolate: "Oh how ironic, its on page 69."

Half the class: "Whats so special about 69?"

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Quote #85

Student 1: In Shakespeare's Othello (pronounced Othayo) they come from the city of Venice (pronounced Venus).

Student 2: David, its OTHELLO, and VENICE. God, your an idiot.

[class hold back laughter]

Student 1: Oh!!! OK sorry. So Othayo...

[class bursts out laughing]

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Quote #84

Student 1: And so obviously, there is a link between the "devil" in the book and that which appears in the Bible, although-

Student 2: Wait... the devil is in the Bible?

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Quote #83

"It's so random, it's Chinese."
- About a particular student's odd sense of, well, everything.

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Quote #82

History teacher wrote a confusing Russian name to the board that contained lot of xywz-letters.

Student: What kind of name is that?

Teacher: I didn't know how to spell it, so I made it up

Class: *erases the name away from the notebook*

Teacher: Do you believe everything I write on the blackboard?

Class: YES

Teacher: Seriously?

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Quote #81

Talking about the book Clockwork Orange in A1 language class.

Student 1: Actually, I don't know what a clockwork is
Student 2: I don't know what an orange is... Nevermind.

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Quote #80

"Why wasn't I in on this?!"
- Satan on IB

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Quote #79

Maths teacher joke:

Terrorists stop a bus full of passengers and succeed in getting all the passengers off the bus. When they come to the back of the bus, there is one passenger still there. The terrorists say "if you don't get off the bus NOW, we will differentiate and integrate you". The small passenger replies "I'm e^x".

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Quote #78

[stupid annoying girl who was not supposed to be in the class jumping around]

Physics teacher: She proves that mass is proportional to energy.

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Quote #77

Looking at an abstract picture:

Student 1: Hey it says TOK yo!
Student 2: Uh... it's Tokyo!
Student 1: @#$*!

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Quote #76

NO, I can't wake up yet, I don't have a conclusion.

(a thought I had just before waking up, didn't have a conclusion in whatever dream I was having).

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Quote #75

Student: Sir. For our french exam, how many essays do we need to write?

French Teacher: Umm, let me check.

Student: You're teaching IB french and have been for 3 years and you can't remember?

French Teacher: Well, I forgot.

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Quote #74

Mrs. Mahone, cherfully, in response to a complaining class:
"Welcome to IB!!!"

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Quote #73

During a math class

Student 1: God you're stupid! How can you not get this quadratic?
Student 2: Suck my parabola!

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Quote #72

Ms. Preston- Are there any questions about the essay question in the Walden test?
Student- Whats the question going to be?

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