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Quote #1694

You know you're IB when you write a letter to the principal saying your chemistry class needs more pH meters so you can do your labs.

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Quote #1693

IB Teacher: Today we're going to do a creative writing piece, since you rarely get a chance to do that in IB. Find a memory in your childhood and write about it as a child narrator.
IB Student: Do we need a thesis statement?

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Quote #1689

It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping.... LET'S GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!

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Quote #1687

You know you're in IB when you discover the aesthetic beauty of school supplies.

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Quote #1683

You know you're in IB when you think "getting high" is a reference to grades.

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Quote #1680

"Having IB friends over for supper over Easter and to do English we there watching pirates of Caribbean 1"

Jack Sparrow: Consider your own fortunes gentlemen the deepest circle of hell is reserved for traitors and mutineers.

IB Student: Oh great so that's why we don't trust each other.

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Quote #1679

TOK - The day the world became pointless.

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Quote #1673

IB Kid 1: At my old school, there were three IB programmes, starting at age 5.

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Quote #1668

You know you're in IB when you procrastinate by doing "less important" homework.

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Quote #1659

You know you are in IB when you actually laugh at these quotes.

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Quote #1658

IB Kid 1: Hey, want to hear a joke?
IB Kid 2: Yeah, sure.
IB Kid 1: Our social lives.

(both roll on the floor laughing)

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Quote #1656

I was planning on dropping IB, but as it turns out I procrastinated on that too.

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Quote #1655

IB homework is like erectile dysfunction - you keep telling yourself that everyone is having the same problems as you.


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Quote #1654

IB French Teacher: Speaking counts for a third of your grade.
IB Student: Shit!
IB French Teacher: I know! Now try in French.
IB Student: Merde!

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Quote #1653

IB Student 1:What if we put all the IB kids on an island and told them they had to get off of it because it was going to explode in 24 hours?
IB Student 2: You know... I don't know if I would try to get off.

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Quote #1651

(This occurred while taking an AR test on the book "Ender's Game", Mr.B was telling us what we should type in as our password, after we logged in)

Mr.B- "For your password type in your initials."
Kaitlin- "Do you want our middle initial too?
Mr.B- "Just the initials of your first and last name."

(Mr.B then realizes that our password is two a's)

Mr.B- "Sorry guys, your password is "aa".
Kaitlin- "What kind of a's? Do you want two capital,two lowercase, or one of each?"
Sarah- "Just type in two a's Kait!!!"

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Quote #1649

IB student asks their friend's brother "Where do you go to school at?"

Friend's brother says "I be at Seminole"

IB student: "You're in IB too?"

Friend's brother: "No"

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Quote #1645

Is the following

A) A generous offer to help a fellow IBer in Chemistry Class
B) Proposition of sexual intercourse?

"Hey, Christopher, do you want to learn about sex hormones?"

The world may never know.

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Quote #1642

The Difference between SL and HL Chemistry:

SL: You have to work through study hall, weekends, holidays, answering the same tedious questions over and over again until you want to chuck your book out of the window, and then you will pass.

HL: You have to memorize the book and pray for a miracle.

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Quote #1641

Writing your World Lit. paper is like vomiting. You don't want to do it, but you feel so much better after its finally out of your system.

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Quote #1639

If you are in IB and you ever find yourself without any homework to do one evening then one of the following events must be true:

1. You're forgetting something.
2. Something is wrong with your planner.
3. You're about to wake up in a few minutes.

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Quote #1631

IB Student 1 texts to five people:
Can anyone explain what sound is on the style chart?
IB Student 2: Wait, are we talking about English?
IB Student 3: When did you finish your math IA?!
IB Student 4: Are you working on the World Lit journal already?

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Quote #1629

Only in IB:
Hey, we should all meet up at the library over spring break!

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Quote #1624

"My parents neglected me. So I turned to math."
-Mr. Taragan

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Quote #1623

IB Student: i wish i had a universal remote control
IB Student: i would stop time
IB Student: and then
IB Student: do hw

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Quote #1620

IB pickup line:

You're so hot you denatured my enzymes!

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Quote #1609

HL chem students came up with

IUPAC=International Union of People Against Chemistry

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Quote #1593

In TOK class

"Is it true that if all of the chinese people jump at the same time, the earth will shake?

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Quote #1577

You know you're in IB when:
You notice the fact that in the first heroic scene of Hancock, all the people are wearing blue, symbolic for the peace in his life.

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Quote #1576

You know you're in IB when:
You brag about how you did the entire Frankenstein annotation in one day, instead of doing it when it was assigned.

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Quote #1569

The good thing about IB is that you know that when you're up at three am working on an essay, you can can pretty much call anyone for help because chances are they're up working on that essay too.

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Quote #1566

Only in I.B., at T.O.K. night class

Teacher: You guys are now the only 29 students on campus who can log into school computers after 5 p.m.! Now that's something to brag about

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Quote #1565

You know IB has gotten to you when you call the kids that aren't in IB the normal kids... and even worse is when you call them "The Norms"

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Quote #1560

you know you're an IB kid when you realize you are bringing your homework to the mall. - IB german 2 class, DHS

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Quote #1549

IB is not a path chosen for the faintest of heart. Only for the ones that chose the wrong path.

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Quote #1548

Only an IB student would say: "I have a Model U.N. binder, and I'm not afraid to use it."

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Quote #1546

IB Student to her aunt: I can't talk right now, this is IB hell week.
Aunt: I hate to break this to you, but real life is harder than highschool.
(IB Student laughs hysterically)

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Quote #1540

Tell a man about IB, and you hurt him for a day. Teach a man the IB, and you scar him for a lifetime.

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Quote #1537

Woman: So you are in IB?
IB Student: Yes
Woman: I have heard nothing but great things about IB!
IB Student: *snicker and mumbles*
Woman: What was that?
IB Student: Oh nothing.
Woman: Oh, anyways, I want to get my daughter into IB when she hits High School, what would you suggest?
*IB student and baby exchange terrified glances*
IB Student: Um...
Woman: Oh one second. I'll be right back, here watch my daughter *Hands IB Student the baby and walks away*
*IB student places baby on the ground*

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Quote #1536

Student 1: Wow, so you go to my school?
Student 2: Yes, have been for the past two years.
Student 1: How come I have never seen you before?
Student 2: I am in IB.
Student 1: O.O Enough said.

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Quote #1535

Teacher: This is madness.
IB student: Madness? This is IB!

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Quote #1531

Teacher: What do you know?
Students: Nothing
Teacher: What dont you know?
Students: everything
Teacher: What have you learned?
Students: WAIT we were learning.

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Quote #1527

Ravneet - I hate "". The jokes aren't even funny. Gabi laughs at them...
Merrideth - You just don't get it because you're stupid.
Ravneet - Then how did I get into IB?
Merrideth - The IB program is also stupid.
Ravneet - You're in the IB program...
Merrideth - My parents made me. That makes sense because they are stupid, too.
Ravneet - You've got a point...
Merrideth - Why are you calling my parents STUPID?

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Quote #1525

You know you're in IB when you know the difference between a TI-84 Silver Edition and a TI-84

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Quote #1524

IB Student 1: Did you understand a word of that math lecture?
IB Student 2: No, I was finishing the physics homework instead.
IB Student 3: Oh my god, do you understand the physics unit?!
IB Student 2: No, I was doing my math homework during the lecture.

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Quote #1522

IB is in a way like Scientology. It's one of the most evil things on the face of this earth, but once you're in there's no getting out.

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Quote #1511

You know you are in IB when...

You are on this site contributing, while in reality you should really be revising.

IB Brunei (:

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Quote #1507

You know you're in IB when you vote thumbs down to quotes just so yours appears higher on the Top Quotes list..

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Quote #1497

IB pickup line:
Baby, I'll treat you like my homework. I'll slam you on the table and do you all night long.

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Quote #1493

Two ib students talking about something not school related. Ib student 1: thats like the complete opposite of what ur saying it's like a reciprocal ib student 2: your moms a reciprocal.

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