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Quote #20

Maria: B.e.i.n.g, is that how u spell being?

[Note: This took place during an MSN chat]

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Quote #19

Mr. Oliver: I want everyone to give me an example of when you know a fact is true, but don't believe it.

Jany: I know I'm smart, but I don't believe it.

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Quote #18

Carson: ... What?
Alex: o my god
Alex: i seriously forgot what i was so happy about

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Quote #17

Mark: Absolute uncertainty is when something's ABSOLUTELY uncertain.

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Quote #16

Vlad: Have you ever read the "Da Vinci Code"?
Jason: Did you have to read that for English?
Vlad: No... I read it for fun.
Jason: Dude what the fuck do you read books for?

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Quote #15

Lucas: It's a really fun game when you use hacks, because everyone gets pissed at you and tells you to go kill yourself. And then you have wonderful philosophical debates with them, about how using hacks in games has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

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Quote #14

(In an argument over whether music is a language, being a system of symbols often used to convey messages, Jany argues that it isn't, and Mr. Oliver argues that it is.)

Mr. Oliver: There are many examples of music being used as a language, for example in Africa they use a drum that is stored the entire language of the people.

Jany: But that isn't music.

Mr. Oliver: How do you define music?

Jany: A system of sound that doesn't represent language.

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Quote #13

Mr. Oliver (IB Coordinator): Suwon, you're just jealous that I'm smarter than your cat.

Carson: I beg to differ.

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Quote #12

Carson: Pacman is so hard, im almost dead! How do I get a life?
Lucas: Stop playing.

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Quote #11

Mickelli: I'm too pretty to get a job, I'll break my nails, my skin will dry up, my hair will get messed...

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Quote #10

Mrs. Birsan (physics teacher): Stupidity is loud.

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Quote #9

A student's French paper used baisser in the wrong way.

French Teacher: je pensait que tu a fait quelqu'un chose apres s'as baisse une grenouille.....

[Note: ok my French might be rough but that's the general idea]

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Quote #8

IB is a very religious program... everyone think he's God.

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Quote #7

Agitated French teacher: You don't "baisser" a frog, never!

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Quote #6

Newly hired ITGS Teacher: "What's an internal assessment?"

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Quote #5

Lucas: You have fifteen seconds. Using standard math notation, English words, or both, name a single whole number - not an infinity - on a blank index card. Be precise enough for any reasonable modern mathematician to determine exactly what number you've named, by consulting only your card and, if necessary, the published literature.

[39-point diploma recipient]: whats a whole number?

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Quote #4

"It's only 6 tests, how hard can it be to take 6 tests?"
- An IB student's little sister, age 9

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Quote #3

In IB we don't believe in miracles... We rely on them!

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Quote #2

IB isn't so bad once you get used to it. I no longer suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!

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Quote #1

Student (smacking his fist against the desk during a physics test): Damn it!
Teacher: Next time, use your head.

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