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Quote #71

Coordinator: Hey Guys! There's a Blood Donation session tomorrow, I hope you can make it!

Student: Do we get CAS hours??

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Quote #70

English teacher: "So in House of the Spirits, you have Miguel and Alba, Pedro and Blanca, Nicolas and's an orgy of forbidden love!"

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Quote #68

“Imagination, initiative and creativity are not required and will be severely punished. This is the IB!” - History Teacher, HL revision session.

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Quote #67

The number 45 never looked so high until now...

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Quote #66

"Could you guys stop arguing over my head? I'm trying to READ"

A student in ITGS class, when another student was whining at the teacher

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Quote #65

Mr. Belbin: Hey guys, this article is very American because the author is American.

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Quote #64

Student 1: I'm scared of holding glass stuff because I'm afraid they'll break.

Student 2: Yeah, I'm scared of holding babies... you might hold them wrong, or drop them, or hurt them. That's why I always hold my babies when I'm sitting down.

Student: omfg... shit

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Quote #63

I.B is good for people with suicidal tendencies: instead of sitting down at 5pm to start a 2000-word essay and thinking, 'Oh my God, I want to die,' you sit down at 2am to start a 2000-word essay and all you can think is 'Oh my God, I want to sleep.'

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Quote #62

ib student: to what conlusion can we reach?
ib student 2: that a dog ..... is an animal

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Quote #61

ib student: sleep ... makes you sleepy

(40-point diploma student)

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Quote #60

Student 1: What's 2 times 9 again?
Student 2: Let me just get my GDC
Student 1: Wow ... we've actually forgotten how to think

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Quote #59

"You guys are data bulimics. You just swallow it and then spew it out for the test. It's disgusting."

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Quote #58

ToK in a Nutshell:

The Question: How do we know?
The Answer:We don't.

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Quote #57

Chemistry Teacher: You guys will start the group 4 project next week. You will learn how to socialize with others and have fun.

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Quote #56

Frank: Are you talking about the frog's photosynthesis?
(This took place after TOK)

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Quote #55

IB is like a new mattress. Hard at the beginning and you cannot sleep; but then it seems soft and you learn to rest.

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Quote #54

Literature Teacher: Nuns dress in black because they are all married with Jesus, who is dead.
Caesar: So Jesus is a polygam?

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Quote #53

Teacher: A catalyst is something that speeds up a chemical reaction, but it's not involved in the reaction itself.

Student: Um.. can you give us a real life example?

Teacher: Sure, I tell my son to clean up his room, he says no, I ask him nicely, he still says no, so then, I take out my belt and and ask him again, he runs up to clean it.

Student: O.o

Teacher: See, the belt it not never touched him, but it speeds up the reaction.

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Quote #52

Once on a msn discussion about math portfolio

Quan: How many words do you have?
I.W: 140k and adding
Quat:....O.O ....
I.W: almost level 26 what level are you?
Quan:.....(30 seconds later) 35 =.=
I.W: O woot? ...... rite ....math portfolio... lol 1.5k words right now....thought u were asking about .... ye anyways p.k?

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Quote #51

Physics teacher: One I was on the plane and I saw some lightning between clouds in the air. It was like fireworks, so pretty!

Class: So didn't you feel uncomfortable at all that you were in a metal thing in the air in a thunderstorm?

Physics teacher: Why would I be? A plane is in a cage, it is an insulator... (insert explanation about physics)... so the only risk is really rare, and is that the plane could catch on fire, but that's not going to happen.

Class: What about the people who DIDN'T know this on the plane...?

Physics teacher: How could they not have liked the lightning show?

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Quote #50

I absolutely HATE all people who have biased opinions.

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Quote #49

IB is like the morning run: you may be grudgingly putting on your sports cloths and regret bitterly about your stupid decision to do this pointless thing everyday while you are running , but in the end you still do it everyday.

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Quote #48

(on an MSN chat)

Person 1: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 2: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 1: Whoever types it first wins!
Person 2: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Person 1: Fuck you just copied it.
Person 2: huh..?
Person 1: Prove that you didn't copy it, you maker of logical fallacies!
Person 2: Me too.
Person 1: Started your math portfolio yet?
Person 2: What's a math portfolio?
Person 1: Fuck, wrong chat.

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Quote #47

TOK Teacher/ English teacher: You guys should have wrote it down.

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Quote #46

IB Coordinator: You can't go and screw around with the teachers!

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Quote #45

ToK teacher: In year three you have to be like wine bottles - mature.

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Quote #44

ToK teacher: (insert here a long, poetic and prestigious definition about what mathematics is). I think however that math... is a broccoli.

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Quote #43

Guy runs down the hallway singing at the top of his voice during IA deadline period: Life is hard enough, for us.

His father, the IB coordinator, passes him: Life? You don't have a life. You're in IB2! Be quiet and no running in the hallways.

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Quote #42

In a class before Christmas break of IB2 year:

Teacher: Have a good break. I'm sure you'll all study like hell during the break for the mock exams Christmas.

Student (mutters): Like hell we will.

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Quote #41

IB is like vegetables. It sucks but it's good for you in the long run.

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Quote #40

Naomi: Guys the end of the play says that, "I'd rather be dead than fat.......that's heavy"

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Quote #39

Ms Jelena: "If the Hells Angels had stock, I would buy so much of that"

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Quote #38

" A Wet Willy is like a French Kiss in the ear" -Chris Lee

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Quote #37

Person 1: Damn you! You're so not art.

Person 2: Is that supposed to be an insult?

Person 1: Of course. You're not art, which means you're not beautiful, you can't be interpreted, and that you weren't created by intent.

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Quote #36

Class: You know, lots of people can access that...

Mr. Belbin: I know what you guys mean, but it's not like any random Bloe Joe on the street knows how to use it.

Class: hahahahaha!!

Mr. Belbin: Sometimes I just don't understand you guys.

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Quote #35

Class: What do you mean by political influence?

Mr. Belbin: I mean, that if George's Bush decides to use this technology to monitor his citizens then it wouldn't be ethical.

Class: hahahahahaha!!!

Mr. Belbin: What are you guys all laughing at?

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Quote #34

(on MSN)
Person 1: Damnit more ITGS homework
Person 2: kawk
Person 2: *lawl
Person 2: omfg...

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Quote #33

IB helps you with stress management. It throws all this stress at you and says, 'Manage it!' Then you have your breakdown and you get over it.

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Quote #32

"Mao Ze-Dong!" - Josh

In response to the Carsoninian one enterting the room.

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Quote #31

"I love you JT" - Josh

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Quote #30

Class: Well there are other things to consider.

Mr. Belbin: That's opening another can of beans, guys

Class: hahahaha!!

Mr. Belbin: Did I say something wrong?

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Quote #29

Physics student: Hey I heard you can use an automatic rifle!

Mrs. Birsan (physics teacher): Yeah, but I won't use it on anyone... well maybe when someone doesn't do their homework...

Physics student: Eeks! That's some good motivation!

Mrs. Birsan: No, then I could shoot myself due to the frustration. What were YOU thinking?

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Quote #28

(During TOK class): Okay, I don't mean to be offensive... but I mean, the definition of art has a limit. If it sucks, then it's not art.

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Quote #27

Mr. Hughes (chemistry teacher): Give me an element.
Jason (shouting): Strontium!
Mr. Hughes: ok Carbon.

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Quote #26

Ms. Birsan: "I was in the Romanian army, I know how to use an automatic rifle."

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Quote #25

Ms. Shannon (when physics students were studying for a test in her room during lunch time): Why don't you guys go ask Ms. Birsan, if you don't get it?

Students look at each other and smile nervously: Because we are too chicken to ask her?

*collectively shrug*

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Quote #24

About Mrs. Birsan's notes: "Copy the notes, worship the notes... be the notes!"

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Quote #23

IB puts the "pro" in procrastination.

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Quote #22

Have you noticed that the physics stuff is almost like math? There's not a single number in my notes!

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Quote #21

Mickelli: I hope u do well
Carson: i won't
Mickelli: be positive, u asshole

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